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Wild and Free


By Laura James
15cm x 20cm
Free Hand Machine Embroidery on Cotton

Spending more time in the garden lately has enabled a deeper connection with nature. Taking time to view how a plant grows and the shapes created by its leaves has been a real pleasure and has inspired me to bring these forms into my artwork. This piece in has been inspired by the shapes created by lavender and rosemary plants. My artworks often start out as a pencil sketch, I then recreate that drawing onto fabric and then use my sewing machine like a paintbrush I follow my sketch. Controlling the sewing machine during this process can be quite a challenge but the real joy is seeing the depth of textural quality that thread allows within the work.

Laura James is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brighton, an Alumni of Dartington College of Arts and Brighton University. Her work seeks to find and amplify the magic in the mundane.