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Covid Spring


By Jane Sharp
Batik Framed on an embroidery hoop - 21cm diameter and 1cm depth
Hand painted and hand stitched batik on Indonesian cotton

Inspired by and reflecting the strange times we find ourselves in, this work is a reminder that there is solace to be found even as we remain under lockdown.  The clouds reflected in the glasses may seem like a portent of doom but while we are covering our faces and sheltering at home beauty continues to reveal itself all around us.

Jane Sharp is a self taught batik artist and has been practising for 30+ years.  Her main practice is textile batik but she has also started to widen her skills to include batik on wood.  Her textile batiks are detailed and include hand stitching and applique .  She is inspired by the natural world, her own explorations into spirituality and the human condition in general.