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True Soft Argan Oil / 100ml / £20

Salty Mist / 150ml / £21

Salty Cream / 100ml / £21

Structure Repair Masque / £23

Cream Heat Spray/150ml / £21


Luminous Colour Shampoo / 350ml / £17

Luminous Colour Conditioner  / 300ml / £18

Structure Repair Shampoo / 350ml / £17

Structure Repair Conditioner / 300ml / £18

Sheer Silver Shampoo / 350ml / £17

Sheer Silver Conditioner / 300ml / £18

HEAL Head & Hair Shampoo / 350ml / £25

HEAL Head & Hair Conditioner / 300ml / £26


Volume Shampoo / 1Litre / £40

Volume Conditioner / 1Litre / £40                                                        


Colour Refresh / Bright Red / £20

Colour Refresh / Pearl Silver / £20

Colour Refresh / Black / £20

Colour Refresh / Cacao / £20

Colour Refresh / Pink Pop / £20


Invisidry Shampoo Mini / 100ml / £10

Dry Shampoo Mini / 100ml / £10






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Maria Nila are a 100% vegan haircare brand produced in Sweden. They are not the usual haircare brand. Their 100% vegan and cruelty free products are developed out of love for animals, as they should not be part of haircare products. By providing high quality vegan beauty, we make it easy for everyone to take a step towards a sustainable and friendlier world.


By choosing Maria Nila, you choose cruelty free, climate friendly and colour protecting haircare produced in Sweden. Their chemists develop their products with carefully chosen ingredients that make a difference for clients, salons, animals and the environment.


We live in a society where we have to take responsibility for animals, the environment and our future generations. Animals are a great part of our planet and they shouldn’t be plagued or exploited due to humanity’s vanity. Therefore, Maria Nila see it as a matter of course to produce products with 100% vegan ingredients.


They are certifid by The Vegan Society, PETA and Leaping Bunny, which all are global animal welfare organizations. Their logos are featured on the packaging and means that the consumer can be sure that their assortment is both animal friendly and vegan.






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We offer 10% discount on Maria Nila to our salon clients!

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