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Julie Kuyath

Julie Kuyath was born in New Mexico, United States and raised in England, where she attended Art school, specializing in Fine Art and Sculpture. She also studied Silversmithing and Jewellery design in later years. Following her studies, she worked as a jewellery designer, on her own signature collections while, tenaciously perfecting her collage assemblages. Julie has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, and has lived and worked as an artist in Barcelona, Spain over the last nine years before relocating back to London.


Kuyath’s background in jewellery making has informed, and influenced her mesmeric craft today. Her resplendent collages are multiple-hued, bejewelled arrangements aligned to literary works.


Julie’s cryptic collages draw on the sundry influences of folklore fairytales, mythology, poetic verse and literature. Her complex, labyrinthine arrangements on canvas are elusive, mystical and often forboding. Working on large formats, Kuyath hand cuts found paper and arranges it, to depict her surrealist phantomagoric imaginings. Her work in turn, produces optical illusions with intricate colouration and textures.


Julie’s ultimate goal is to resurrect, recycle and infuse life and splendor into a forsaken and discarded medium.




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