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Hutch likes to drag ink through mesh with a squeegee onto surfaces creating limited edition works of art. He also spray paints through holes carefully cut with a scalpel into paper on to walls, canvases, metal and wood.

Hutch has been slicing, cutting, spraying and printing  weird and wonderful images for about 15 years. He has created and supplied artwork for record labels and limited edition ties for bespoke tailors  as well as running  stencil workshops for home and studio.

Hutch's influences range from vintage pin up to tattoo art, graphic novels, anatomical diagrams, hip hop and retro advertisement.

Most of his work is created  in Brighton, UK, the sunniest place on the earth.


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jewelrunner Lolly-gold1 Lolly-grey1 ootc-birchwood ritc-xray-print-full

'Jewel Runner'

'Lolly'/ Grey

'Ready In The Can/ Xray'

'Out Of The Can'

'Lolly' / Gold